• All members of Competitive Pro Gaming must adhere to social and sportsmanship conduct rules. This mean to respect everyone's differences, TO NOT discriminate against any groups of people and beliefs, physical apperances and social status. To NOT insult others, specially on a personal level. Failure to follow this rule might lead to a permanent ban.

  • All members must be honest, and to not lie, specially when interacting with CPG members of staff. A permanent ban might apply if this rule is not followed.

  • The publishing and sharing of pirate, illegal and pornographic content is extremely forbidden. Breaking this rule will lead to a ban.

  • Promoting other communities, and or groups via our CPG servers is not allowed, unless with due anthorization from CPG Owners or IHigher Chief Officers and Directors. Breaking this rule will lead to a ban.

  • Spamming any sort of content is against the rules, and breaking this rule will lead to a server timeout.



  1.1 - Everyone is welcome to compete, but in order to be eligible to sign up for 11v11 competitions, you must provide proof of having a minimum of 16 active players ready to sign for your team.

  1.2 - All teams must have a custom and apropriate logo that reflects and matches the team name.

  1.3 - Teams must have a minimum of one Co Manager to be eligible to compete.


  2.1 - Managers are responsible to sign all players to the team, and making sure all players have the correct gamertags. If a team plays with an unsigned player, a default loss will be applied. If a player has an incorrect gamertag on the APP, a VAR Appeal can be opened, and an investigation will take place, to find out the reason behind it. If the player had simply forgotten to update his gamertag due to a recent change on his Console/PC account then a 10% bank balance fine will apply.

  2.2 - Managers and Co Managers must submit their lineups via the APP. If a team fails to submit their lineup for a match, a fine of 250,000 coins will be applied for each game.

  2.3 - Managers can sign and release players at any time.

  2.4 - The team name on EA FC must fairly match the team name they are registered as. If the name is not fairly matching, a warning will be given the first time, but 3+ points penalty will apply against repeating offenders.

2.5 - Managers are responsible for making sure they do not sign banned players. Banned players won't be able to be signed via the APP, but sometimes they may find loopholes by changing the spelling of their name, or changing their PSN. A list of banned players is kept on the CPG Info channel, and on the APP(Soon). A default loss will be applied if a team is found guilty of using a banned player.


  3.1 - Managers are responsible for team activity and attendance and timekeeping to games. We reccomend using a discord server to create availability checklists for our games. If a team fails to attend a match, they may receive points penalty of top of their default 3-0 losses. If a team is constantly missing games, they will be removed from the league and the manager will receive a Manager ban, with the possibility of having it extended to a player ban.

  3.2 - Managers and Co Managers can request 10 minutes delay VIA the APP, however 20 minutes notice must be given. (15 minutes for Premium Managers).

  3.3 - If a team who didn't call time is more than 15mins late for a game a default claim can take place. If a team who called for time is more than 5 minutes late past their requested time, a default claim can take place.

  3.4 - Non-Premium teams are allowed to reschedule up to 3 matches per season. Premium teams are allowed to reschedule up to 9 matches per season.

  3.5 - Reschedules are not allowed in the first matchday of the season, unless both teams agree. Reschedules are not allowed on the last day of the season.

  3.7 - To request a reschedule of a match a Manager or a Co Manager must give a minimum of 3 hours written notice before the scheduled match time. A reschedule request cannot be denied if 3 hours notice is given.

  3.8 - Teams management must agree on a new date and time for the match, which must happen before the last game of the season.


  4.1 -  Scores must be submitted via the APP withing 3hours after the kickoff. Failure to do this will lead to a 250,000 coins fine. If neither of teams have reported the score within 3h, the score will be set as 0-0 until proof is given of the score.

  4.2 - Stats and Highlights can be submitted at anytime.

  4.3 - Non Premium Teams can open VAR Appeals within 3hours of the match scheduled time. Premium Teams Can Open Var Appeals within 24 hours of the match scheduled time. VAR Appeals may be refused by the admin team if they are done late. 4.3.1 - Reasons to open a VAR Appeal are Match Rulebreaking, glitches that lead to goals and AI referee mistakes. Do not open VAR appeals without a proper cause and make sure you can provide proof. We won't be able to act to accusations without proof.


  5.1 - The manager may fold his registration into a competition without repercussions if 7 days is given. If a manager folds after the 7 days mark, he is responsible for finding a suitable replacement for his spot in the competition. A manager ban will apply if this rule is broken.

  5.2 - If a team folds during the season, the manager must find a suitable replacement for his spot in the competition. If this rule is broken a manager and a temporary player ban will apply.


  6.1 - Teams must have a goalkeeper, and someone as "ANY" if starting without 11. Failure to follow this rule will award 3 goals bonus to the opposition.

  6.2 - Minimum players required to play vary depending on the competitive tier:     6.2.1 - Premiership - Minimum 8 Players     6.2.2 - Championship and Bellow - Minimum 6 Players.   If This rule is broken a default claim can take place, if proof can be provided. If sufficient proof was provided goals scored by the infriging team will be void. If the opposition did not score goals, the score will be set as 1-0. 6.2.3 - International competitions - Minimum is 10 for all competitions, except for Nations League Tier 2, which will be 7.

  6.3 - Teams must reset their game ASAP if their goalkeeper and or "ANY" player does gets connected into the match. If the Goalkeeper and or "ANY" player gets into the match, but then crashes out within the first 5 minutes of the game, teams must reset their game. Failure to follow this rule will lead to a 2 goals being awarded to the opposition.

  6.4 -  Teams are allowed to quit early, before the 10th minute if a good reason is found, such as, player lagged out, connection issues, kit glitches, and other types of glitches. If a goal was scored, it might count upon, and proof will have to be provided via VAR Appeal.

  6.5 - If you start a game and you clearly see your opponents players disconnecting from the match, do not take advantage of such as goals scored will not count.

  6.6 - Matches can be abandoned before the 70th minute in extreme causes such as, in the occasion of massive lag, game being frozen, other glitches, and or if 4 or more players lag out from the same team or are unable to play due to match glitches. Another match will take place where the remaining minutes will be played +3 minutes of stopppage time. Do Not Argue, just get into the games, and later on, you may open a VAR appeal if you'd like to complain.

  6.7 - Wasting time is not allowed before the 85th minute, if this rule is broken and it will lead to a -1 goal deduction for each offense, or each accumulated 5 seconds (Real Time).     6.7.1 - Only the following are considered time wasting: Over shielding/protecting the ball, extreme cases of passing the ball back from the final third, back to the defensive third on multiple sequences of successful passes.

  6.8 -  A player cannot stand inside the 6 yards box during Free Kicks. A max of 2 players may stand on the goal line during corners. Breaking this rule will lead to a goal being awarded to the opposition.

  6.9 - Abandoning a match out of frustration/rage quiting will result in a 3 points deduction. Opposition will be compensated in goals, based on scored per minute average, to be calculated based on how many minutes there was left to play.

  6.10 -  Wait for lag to run out during kick offs & throw ins. If kick off/throw in lag occurs please kick the ball out immediately, or as soon as possible. The opposition must then must return the ball immediately after. A goal might be attributed to the opposition if such does not happen. Furthermore, if the ball is not kicked out during kick off glitch, this might be considered time wasting, and the rule will apply. After the ball is kicked out, check if the game is still lagging before taking the throw in, and let it run out before you pass.

  6.11 - A default by no show is set as 3-0.

  6.12 -  Emotes must not be used to take advantage of set pieces positioning glitch while defending. A goal will be given to the attacking team if this rule is broken.

  6.13 - Matches should be played in a competitive spirit at all times, and sportsmanship must be showed. If a team is found guilty to be messing around or not taking a games seriously, a fair and adequate punishment will apply on admins criteria and judgement.

  6.14 - The following Height Restrictions apply on Next Gen Competitions Only: On a 3 or 5 at the back formations, Centre Backs Must not be taller than 6ft2/189CM, and all other players, except the goalkeeper, must not be taller than 6ft/184CM. On 4 at the back formations, the Centre Backs plus one player on the following positions - CM/CDM/RB/LB/RWB/LWB must not be taller than 6ft2/189CM, and all other players except the goalkeeper must not be taller than 6ft/184CM.   6.14.1 - A team must protect themselves by streaming/recording heights at Half Time, or anytime during the game to be able to proove this rule was not broken. If a team fails to provide proof a default loss will apply. (Goals scored voided. If opposition did not score, then the score will be set as 1-0)

  6.15 - A player must not interfere with the opposition's goalkeeper during set pieces. This means not blocking or pushing the Goalkeeper at any point. If this rule is broken a goal will be awarded to the opposition for each occurrence.


1.0 - Nations must be named after their country on EA FC, for example, if you are managing CPG Portugal, you should name your club on EA CPG Portugal. Please inform the admin if you are not able to name your team this way, and solution will be reccomended. If you fail to follow this rule, you will receive default losses.

2.0 - You must use the official National Kits. If they do not exist on EA FC, then you must create custom kits that resemble the National Kits of your Nation.


1.0 - Players must have the correct spelling of their gamertags on the APP at all times.

2.0 - Non-premium players cannot self-release themselves, but can be sold if a valued is agreed, or a release clause can be triggered by the buying team.

3.0 - A player must not play for more than 3 teams during the same season without admin approval.

4.0 - A player is responsible for keeping his Kit Name up to date on the APP so that he can receive the awards based on stats submitted. We won't know who you are if you don't have the correct kit name on the APP.

5.0 - Players must not play while banned. If you are on a temporary ban, and you are found playing, your ban will be extended or made permanent.

6.0 - Players may not create more than one account without admin permission. If you have created two accounts please let an admin know so one can be deleted. If you create a second a account with a slight variation of your PSN in order to sign for another te or ban evade, a more severe ban will be applied.